Hi fam, Stan here.

I’ve always been an avid blogger since 2004 and even before when my parents had me writing with paper and pencil. Any of your parents made you do that when you were kids? In 2004, I opened up a Xanga account like many others and have been writing ever since. I’m not sure why I love to blog so much since I have always hated writing essays and scoring low on the writing portion of my SATs. I think for me – writing has helped me put my thoughts into words. Our frustrations, happiness, and countless other emotions gets bottled up inside and taking the time to deconstruct these emotions into words have helped me become a more expressive person. If anyone knows me, I am not an expressive person to begin with!

To begin a little about us, Trisha and I met in 2016 and got married recently in September of 2018. I am a pharmacist and she is a registered nurse which makes most of our discussions revolve around healthcare. We have spent most of our relationship trying to understand each other and create building blocks for a solid foundation. Sacrifices were made, money was well spent, and weight has been well gained. However, life continues to move and we spend each day on personal and interpersonal growth. We believe the story doesn’t end at “happily ever after” when we exchanged rings at our wedding, we believe the story has just begun. And we’re excited to share the ups and downs of life’s teachings and adventures. Share with us some of your best tips!